Not just BFF, it’s BSF.

At this stage in my life, I sadly realized that many of my friends are friends of convenience. They’ll hang out when it’s convenient for them. Who actually MAKES plans or intentionally sets aside time to hang out now? Is it because they’re all married and have their spouses now, so they don’t really need to hang out with anyone else? O maybe they just have better things to do, you know, like taking care of their precious homes and domestic things like that. I hope I’m not like that, ditching my friends and all, when I’m married. Sense any bitterness in this post? Where?

I’m waiting for someone to post a compassionate comment like this:  Suck it up, Jen, you just need to learn to be content with what you have.  Then I’ll just delete it and email you saying, "So you figured out I was writing about you, eh?"  Muahaha…

Ok ok, enough ranting.  I do have one friend in this world who is the ultimate plan-maker. I know she has a lot going on, yet, she will still set aside time to spend with me, include me in things she’s doing, or actually do some of the things that I enjoy.  She still makes time for all her friends, even after she’s married.  She doesn’t HAVE to do anything with me, not anymore at least, but she does things just because one of her strengths is caring.   I know she’s one person I can count on ALWAYS.  Best Friends Forever?  That and more.  Happy Birthday to Melissa, Best Sisters Forever.

Awww….how sweet.

Ok ok, enough mush.

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zhart124 May 1, 2006 Reply

I love to be a butthead and tick people off.*

[*Butthead comments edited by admin]

penguingolfer89 May 1, 2006 Reply

Joey, what the? Oh, wait I can be a stupid butthead too hehe.

How cute! Hehe. Happy Birthday Melissa!

Melissa your 20 something now? That makes beej: olda. hehe… =p

MissTeeTee May 1, 2006 Reply

aw. we all should play some tennis or have an outting since we haven't done that for a while.

beej May 1, 2006 Reply

penguingolfer, hey now!

MissT, aw…thanks. Ok everyone, group hug…

zhart124 May 2, 2006 Reply

aw… u changed my msg…

sacrod May 2, 2006 Reply

single friends of married people tend to be second-class friends. I don't mean that in a negative way (well, even though it sounds negative); but descriptively speaking, even if they don't intend to, it happens. I think it's just because it's harder to relate. If I ever get married, I'll try to test out the theory to see if it's really true.

Oh yeah… so suck it up! :)

beej May 2, 2006 Reply

second-class friends, that's a good way to put it.

nathan May 7, 2006 Reply

i would say suck it up but i'll reword it. you should look at the positives or what you do have… let's use me for example… sometimes, i am really jealous of my friends. I say that because you know… i wouldn't mind having me as a friend, but i do talk to myself(sometimes)… so i guess i am in someways my own friend… nvm then.

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