Operation Kill Saddam has begun.

But of course, we kind and thoughtful Americans dare not call it by that name. Instead, we will call it something else, like Operation Desert Protect or something heroic like that. How about Operation Oil Control?

I just got the following message from someone on AIM:

this is sent to you, that means you are loved, at 9:00 our time, we are officially at war, one nuclear bomb could wipe out the whole state of West Virginia for 50 years. Send this to at least 10 people you love, it could be the last time you ever get to say it so make sure you do

I don’t know what’s more unsettling: The fact that we’re at war or that these mass AIM messages are being started by someone who can’t write.

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penguingolfer89 March 20, 2003 Reply

The AIM messages are upsetting..sigh everything is upsetting right now well not everything..but yeah.

Talk to me, Goose.

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