What a depressing day

My brother was trying to reinstall windows and accidently created a new administrator and locked me out of all my old documents. He told me everything was lost because when he clicked on the folder, it said there were 0 files inside. Man, I was so stupid cuz I should have backed everything up. I had thought about it for just a split second, but…I didn’t. My last backup was a few months ago, so I would have cried if I had indeed lost everything. I was thinking about all the pictures I took in the past few months. Thank goodness Myron worked his magic and showed him how to change over the rights to that file and recovered all the data. So I transferred everything onto my old computer and reformatted this hard drive. Now I have to reinstall all my apps. Lesson learned: BACKUP EVERYTHING…before you touch your computer.

And to add to all the frustration, I had the A’s game on. First time they hadn’t made it into the playoffs in 5 years. Oh well. Go Raiders.

Talk to me, Goose.

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