What means repentance?

Man, I can’t believe it. I set my alarm for the afternoon instead of the morning. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. So I ended up missing church today. Oh well. Got some much needed sleep.

Got this from my devotions for today:

Repentance should be radical and thorough, and the best
repentance for a wrong act is not to do it



cheeken October 4, 2004 Reply

Whoa…nice redesign.

cheeken October 4, 2004 Reply

Whoa….not just a redesign….you turned your back on MT? That's interesting…I'm still using MT 2.63, which, while not longer supported, has been working alright for me. I have one WordPress question, maybe two: How easy was the install? And does it have any quick way (either built-in or a plugin) to delete spam comments (I'm not sure I like the moderated comments idea…seems time-consuming)?


Tigress Woods October 4, 2004 Reply

The install was SUPER EASY! Even importing the posts was simple. Plugins are really simple to install as well, most of them you just upload it and activate it and stick a couple lines in your index where you want the stuff to show up.

As for spam, check out the documentation here. I guess there are different levels of moderation/restriction similar to MT's blacklist plugin.

Hope this helps.

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