What means Caucasian?

I was talking to someone today, whose name I will not mention, but goes by the nickname “laugau”, and we were talking about how his wife made a comment while watching baseball.

Friend’s wife: there are a lot of Hispanics and Latinos playing on the teams now. Friend: a lot of sports nowadays are filled with minorities. Are there any sports left that were mainly Caucasian. Even hockey is filled with Russian players.
Me: Wait, aren’t Russians also considered Caucasian? They’re white, aren’t they?
Friend: Oh yeah, huh? I meant American Caucasian.




sacod October 9, 2003 Reply

What about Russian Americans? There's a number of Caucasians, I bet, who have some Russian blood in their background.

Anyways, it's a little annoying when the word "caucasian" has such a generic use. So does "white people". Then again, I use that once in a while, so who am I to say?

Nick January 29, 2004 Reply

The word Caucasian comes from the Caucasus, which is a region in the former USSR/Russia. Therefore, Russians are much more Caucasian than any American can ever be!

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