And the winner is…GAIM

Ok, Gaim has won another user (for the time being) since they are the first to offer FREE USERS a “patch” or fix for Yahoo’s connection!!! Yay. Thanks Sacrod. Trillian users: switch now!!! By the way, Gaim is currently the only IM client that can send messages between AIM and ICQ! Neat, eh?



djchuang October 8, 2003 Reply

Trillian connects between 5 major IM services, including AIM and ICQ, and offers many more powerful features than….. Gaim isn't the only game in town :)

beej October 8, 2003 Reply

Yes, I've been using trillian for a while now, but still no yahoo…not for free users, at least. So I said forget it.

sacod October 9, 2003 Reply

what? how do you get the patch? I still can't go online via Yahoo…

beej October 9, 2003 Reply

I don't think Gaim has a patch. Just reinstall gaim v0.70, that includes the yahoo patch.

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