Yesterday, Hsin and I had

Yesterday, Hsin and I had just parked and as we were getting out of the car, we heard a lot noise. We quickly walked to the edge of the parking lot and saw a motorcycle down in the middle of the street. It had been hit by a car. The bumper of the car had been torn right off. The guy limped to the side of the road and lay on the grass, clutching his leg. He lay on the grass for a few seconds. People around him asked if he was alright. He didn’t really answer them, but stood up and walked around looking at his bike. A stream of obscenities flowed non-stop, mostly about how his Harley was ruined. At times like those, wouldn’t, or SHOULDN’T, he have been less concerned with his material possessions and focus more on the fact that he was still alive and in one piece? I keep witnessing these events that remind me of how fragile and short life can be. These are good reminders for us to get our priorities straight.

Talk to me, Goose.

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