Check out today’s cartoon from

Check out today’s cartoon from my favorite comic strip.


I feel like the girl in the red shirt. Boo…

SFMOMA ticket

Free play day today and received yet another student discount with my ID. I think the title of this site should be “How to make use of your college ID.” Went to the SFMOMA and checked it out for the first time today. The Ansel Adams exhibit is still up until January 13 if you’re interested. It was pretty crowded there. I must admit that I don’t have an eye for art. I wonder if people appreciate things less when they don’t know too much about it. Maybe those recorded tours with the headphones would have helped. One of the pieces that I really liked was a pile of dirt set on a mirror, with 4 other mirrors slicing the dirt in a crucifix fashion. The mirrors made it look like one pile of dirt when in reality, the dirt was only piled into the corners. I don’t know if I do the piece justice by describing it with my words assembled in this elementary writing. But my favorite part of the excursion, was not the art itself, but the museum. There’s a little opening on the 3rd floor overlooking the entire museum and the stairs to each floor. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movement of the people around the building. I stood there for several minutes, just watching the people. I guess my interest is more in people than in art. Maybe that’s why I’m in the field of psychology.

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