You know what happens when

You know what happens when you go snowboarding, but you don’t exercise regularly? You get intensely sore. I was able to get a discount with my student ID for the second time, woohoo!! The first time was when I watched Ocean’s Eleven. Friday’s are college days and tickets are really cheap. The weather was pretty nice, partly cloudy, so conditions were good. I actually attempted some small jumps today. I believe I actually achieved lift off! Granted I only had about 2 inches of air and “poof” sound when I landed, but it was a jump and a successful landing nonetheless! Another time I attempted a jump, I just fell forward and lay flat on the ground. I am extremely cautious about not getting myself injured, more so than before. Does that come with age? I was watching little kids jump and fall like it was nothing. High schoolers nowadays are extreme dare-devils. They have no fear whatsoever. I think the realization of one’s own fragility has its onset in the mid-20’s. Problem: Fear breeds cautiousness, which holds you back from pushing your ability to the limits, therefore making it harder to learn a new skill. Conclusion: You’d better learn when you’re young or practice twice as hard when you’re older.

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