The Grandmaster Trailer featuring “Rivers of Blood” by Wu-Tang Clan

Why am I posting about this? Because it’s my kind of music and about my kind of exercise. I’ve posted the original trailer and documentary before it’s release in China at the end of last year. This U.S. version of The Grandmaster Trailer features “Rivers of Blood” by Wu-Tang Clan.

The movie opens in the U.S. this week.

By the way, for those who haven’t seen the original Ip Man movie yet, they’re missing out BIG TIME.

New Music: “May Day” by Blue Scholars

May Day by Blue Scholars After people were gunned down in Seattle neighborhoods, The Seattle Times asked Geo/Prometheus Brown, a member of the Blue Scholars hip-hop act, to write a guest column. So he wrote a rap and posted the lyrics (w/ video) in the online Sunday edition (June 10th). People asked for a studio version so he quickly recorded the verses over a Sabzi beat from last year. “May Day” is available for download here. [Via Angry Asian Man]

Cinemetropolis by Blue Scholars

Remember when I posted a video by these guys? I wanted to title this post “what I’m listening to” but I should just write “what I want to listen to.” Because I’m still unemployed, I’ll have to listen online for now.

But all you working people can get their new album here.