100 Things About Me

Last updated: December, 2022

Everyone else has done it, so here it goes “100 things about me”:

  1. I’m known as simply some girl online, and BJ at Starbucks or Jamba Juice. My real nickname is Beej (short for BJ, from Baby Jen)
  2. My REAL real name is Jennifer
  3. I’ve always wanted a nickname when I was little
  4. Coincidentally, I’ve had a nickname ever since then
  5. One of my elementary teachers used to call me JT
  6. I was born in San Francisco
  7. I can speak Chinese (Cantonese)
  8. But I can’t read characters
  9. Unless they’re menu items
  10. Neither can I write Chinese
  11. Except for my name and a few numbers
  12. I can understand Toisanese/Taishanese, a Chinese dialect from the region of Toisan (or Taishan)
  13. But I can’t speak it
  14. I have 2 siblings: 1 brother and 1 sister
  15. I’m a “left brain” person – analytical, and not very good at art- although I’m getting better a photography.
  16. I have a scar on my chin
  17. And on my scalp
  18. I believe in God
  19. And wished everyone else did too
  20. To quote The Princess Bride, “I am not left-handed”
  21. I won the spelling bee in elementary school
  22. Twice
  23. And almost won county (placed 9th out of 172)
  24. I didn’t finish reading a single book in high school
  25. I’ve worn glasses since the 4th grade
  26. I now wear contacts
  27. And wish I didn’t have to
  28. I like long hair
  29. But not on guys
  30. I worked in an ice cream shop in high school
  31. I know CPR
  32. And First Aid
  33. I’ve been certified as a lifeguard
  34. But never worked as one
  35. When I was little, my parents took me to the airport to watch airplanes take off and land
  36. Even now, I love watching airplanes take off and land
  37. Because they remind me of places far far away
  38. I majored in Psychology
  39. And minored in Asian American Studies
  40. I love to learn
  41. But I hate proving what I’ve learned (aka tests)
  42. I played intramural ultimate frisbee in college.
  43. My friends made me watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show my freshman year in college
  44. I had 12 different roommates in college
  45. I used to skateboard
  46. But I can’t skate nor rollerblade
  47. I’ve held an uzi
  48. And shot a gun
  49. I’ve taken piano lessons, like every other good Chinese kid
  50. I play the guitar
  51. And a little bit of bass
  52. I can’t wipe the smile off my face when I snowboard
  53. I drive can drive a stick shift
  54. I’ve seen a car flip over 3 times on its side
  55. I’ve been in a car that flipped over on its side
  56. I love dark chocolate
  57. I drink way too much coffee
  58. And not enough water
  59. I enjoy cooking
  60. But hate cleaning up afterwards
  61. I think I have worms because I like to eat so often
  62. I love spicy food
  63. I don’t drink much soda
  64. But if I do, I go for diet because it’s not as sweet
  65. I’ve worked overseas
  66. I’m afraid of the dark
  67. I’ve gone ocean kayaking
  68. I’ve biked in the snow
  69. I love horseback riding
  70. I play double-bogey golf
  71. With or without practice
  72. I’ve seen the Northern Lights
  73. And also experienced a full solar eclipse
  74. I’ve had training in ??, ????, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (blue belt)
  75. I’m afraid of heights
  76. But I can ride roller coasters
  77. Except the ones that drop straight down
  78. I haven’t had to stay in the hospital since infancy
  79. I’ve never broken a bone
  80. But I still have a bone bruise that hasn’t fully healed
  81. I’ve torn a ligament
  82. Never gotten stitches, just 8 staples in my head
  83. I had a dog named Gershwin
  84. I ate dog meat when I was in China
  85. I get motion sickness REAL easily
  86. I want to visit the Holy Land
  87. I like falling asleep with the TV on
  88. And I ALWAYS sleep in a fetal position
  89. I’m not afraid of dying
  90. But I’m afraid of suffering
  91. I like scary movies
  92. I’m a gigantic fan of Saturday Night Live
  93. I don’t like taking naps — it feels like I’m wasting the day away.
  94. I like to read
  95. I hate writing
  96. But I love blogging
  97. This website was born November 21, 2001 at 10:54pm
  98. Three different blog engines have powered it: Blogger, Movable Type, and WordPress
  99. I spend too much time on the computer
  100. Working on lame things such as this list


Liz March 14, 2005 Reply

Great list Beej! Love your blog too. I wish I my website was as creative as yours!!

sacrod March 14, 2005 Reply

haha, that was awesome :)

beej March 14, 2005 Reply

Thanks you guys! You each should make a list too. It's pretty neat.

penguingolfer89 March 15, 2005 Reply

Cool list, man it took me a while to think of stuff..

kaosreset February 14, 2007 Reply

i see a great poem

Deep July 30, 2007 Reply

You forgot to include the part that you sleep with a nightlight

matt cHIN August 28, 2007 Reply

haha Jenn you are way too amusing =]

lotsamochi September 20, 2007 Reply

nice! you should add:

101. i don't let friends touch my stuffed animals


noah December 17, 2022 Reply

So happy to learn more about you, Jen. Happy to be able to be a part of your life in WC ????

Jen December 20, 2022 Reply

Howdy, neighbor!

Talk to me, Goose.

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