Yay, I finally got a sideblog goin on here called “mini-golf.” Those are just links to websites that I’ve come across that don’t warrant their own full post on the front page. They look similar to Matt’s asides and asides for WordPress 1.5. But instead of separating out a special category, the mini-post plugin allows you to make small posts and handle them differently. You can choose to intersperse the mini-posts among the normal posts on your site (which I think makes the page look too cluttered) or you can put it in the sidebar. This was exactly what I wanted ever since I’ve converted over from MT. Thanks Morgan!


morganiq: heh, I just realized something
morganiq: your nickname could be twisted into 闭嘴。
morganiq: BEE-jway
morganiq: “shut up”

Talk to me, Goose.

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