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I’m trying out a new chat client called Miranda Instant Messenger. The program is supposed to be smaller and faster than Trillian. You can also customize it by installing your own plugins. Both of these multi-network chat clients are still working on their patches or plugins for Yahoo (unless you’re a paid Trillian user). It’s a race to the finish! First one to come up with the Yahoo patch gets my vote. Hehe…

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sacod October 6, 2003 Reply

I stopped using Trillian (was having some problems with it always closing due to errors), and now use a program called Gaim. It's a lot like AIM, except you can put MSN and ICQ in it. You're supposed to be able to put Yahoo; but I think yahoo blocked access to it. i had to get the Yahoo messenger itself and leave it on, because there's been problems with these other programs using it…

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