Antitrust Just finished watching Antitrust.

Just finished watching Antitrust. Not bad. We were predicting and criticizing different aspects of the movie. Funny how I see things through such a critical eye now. But I suggest for those techies who are out of work now, don’t watch this movie. It’s kinda depressing in the beginning seeing how good it is working at a large company. And here’s another gripe: why did they have to kill off the Asian guy? Why don’t they ever kill the other ones and let the Asian be the star? Oh wait, that’s only if Jet Li or Jackie Chan’s the star. I guess we’re supposed to be happy that an Asian guy got the part and made the cut for the movie.

On a related note, I’ve been looking for some glasses and I actually found some that I liked. Coincidentally, it looks like the ones Ryan Phillippe wore here. Whaddya think? Kinda nerdy, eh? Maybe I should add some glasses to my stortrooper.

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