Contra Code

Nintendo lovers, finish the code: up up down down... Doesn't this t-shirt bring back memories?

Nintendo lovers, finish the code: up up down down… Doesn’t this t-shirt bring back memories?

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jerry December 2, 2005 Reply

… left right left right B A Start

memories???? I just played it last night….

Chris December 2, 2005 Reply

I'm so playing that tonight…

Ray December 5, 2005 Reply

lol nice…that code also work for this airplane game LifeForce.. I think that's what its called

beej December 6, 2005 Reply

Haha….I LOVED contra. Rapid spread was my weapon of choice.

Ray December 7, 2005 Reply

lol I liked the machine gun…I did however like the spread cuz it can hit most of the screen…2 players + rapid spread = easy win =)

Ray December 27, 2005 Reply

I don't know if I'm the last person to find out or anything…but did you guys know that there is a Contra out for ps2? I saw it the other day walking around Fry's :/ I wonder does the code work for that one

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