I’ve been meaning to document this here so I can find it easily in the future. Where do you go to buy photography equipment when you’re in China? Look no further than the Beijing photography city. If I remember correctly, it’s about 2 stories filled with a hundred different stores/booths. I didn’t buy any big-ticket items, but I did pick up some accessories that were fairly inexpensive. Prices are comparable to US retail store prices, although online US prices are still slightly cheaper. Be careful…Continue Reading “Photography Equipment in Beijing”

Baby on Board

I guess there’s really nowhere to put that small “baby on board” sign that people place in the back window of their cars to encourage safe driving. I can’t imagine my sister biking around like this with Abby. Image taken while I was riding my bike. I don’t really like it because it’s slightly blurry. I suppose I should have adjusted my settings a little better. Narnia (Beijing, China. 2010.)