Golf Galore! The U.S. Open

Golf Galore!
The U.S. Open started today. These guys are so good. But it’s funny how golf is unlike any other sport. Pros in other sports that are doing well usually do well through the entire season. But a pro golfer that wins a tournament one week, may finish say 50th then next week. Golf is difficult like that. It’s so hard to play well consistently, especially on the different courses.

Well, I need to get out there and practice more. I need to work at using my lower body more to get more distance. I was at the range with Bobs for only about half an hour and I think I have enough stuff to practice for the entire summer. Plus, I’ll be reading my free subscriptions to Golf Magazine and Golf for Women. Hey, if anyone wants TaylorMade clubs, lemme know. I just might be able to hook you up. I’m still looking at some of these putters.

Talk to me, Goose.

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