Have a look, I finally

Have a look, I finally finished another one of C.S. Lewis’ books. It’s been a long time since I first picked up the book. Minor distractions in life, such as school, always seem to keep me from what I like to do. Lewis is a great writer. As I was reading his book, I could not fathom how he came up with his lines of reasonings. They just seem to flow. He can take one tiny aspect of something and talk about it so in depth it is dizzying at times (at least for my level of intellect).

I was speaking with a friend recently about how people nowadays don’t seem to think on that deep of a level anymore. There is a morning radio show whose hosts talk incessantly about the previous night’s T.V. shows or fashion/celebrity news. They know business, for they know their audience and what they like. It seems like people have become more and more shallow. I admit I am generalizing, as I’m sure there are many people out there who still dwell on things abstract and philosophical, such as my friend Dorcas, who is pursuing a master’s degree in philosophy. Some people might argue that it is a dead science. But what will happen if we abandon intellectual discourse and the search for truth? C.S. Lewis used to write from a stance opposing Christianity. The more he reasoned, the more he found Christianity to be true. C.S. Lewis searched for the truth and found it.

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