It’s been so cold here

It's been so cold here lately. It's supposed to get even colder tonight and tomorrow. Temperatur...

It’s been so cold here lately. It’s supposed to get even colder tonight and tomorrow. Temperatures should be dropping to near freezing. Wow, I sound like a true Californian, complaining about 30-40 degree weather. I hear people agreeing with me all the time. People who live on the east coast must be laughing at us. It’s funny how we have such great weather and still complain. I had some friends come up from L.A. a couple weekends ago and they were ranting about this frigid San Francisco weather. I wish we could experience the magic of a “white Christmas,” but I’m glad we don’t have to shovel snow.

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Kendall July 20, 2003 Reply

Your definatly right about the people from the east coast laughing at you for complaining about 30-40 degree weather!I live in New York and I no what freezing cold weather is…belive me I ski. Another thing i saw on this site was you wondered how pro's decide when its time to retire. I'm pretty sure i might be able to answer that one to. My ski coach Kathy told me that you never lose your love to do whats fun for you…in your case its some pretty crazy stuff…in her case it was Downhill ski racing. People get hurt…when that starts happening you probablly want to cool it till you recover. Other times your just to old. Your only 26 I think your going to be ok for quite some time! One thing you might want to work on is getting off chair lifts though. Well thats all I have to say…look for me when i get older on the slopes…the way I'm going ill be there some day! Kendall

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