Hong Kong style bbq and stuff

After work, I went to get some duck and chicken at this super popular take out place. It’s so popular that I had to wait for half an hour in a line that ran out the door. It was not a happy camper because I was tired, hungry, and cold…AND there was this European couple in front of me that was getting WAY too friendly for the public arena. It was sickening. Finally we made it inside. Using mainly gestures and one word phrases in English, he ordered 3 cow tongues and a pound of gizzards. He ordered what real Chinese people eat. That was weird if you ask me. He ought to win an award as an honorary Chinese.

So I finally got around to reinstalling some of my programs. But instead of using Office XP, I’m going to try out an open source project called Open Office. I’ve read a lot of good things about it so we’ll see how it is.

Ooo, I just saw a commercial for the grudge.


cheeken October 5, 2004 Reply

Look at you, joining the Open Source Revolution! Hey, let us all know how Open Office works out for you. I've wondered about it for awhile now, but haven't had the time or energy to make the switch.

So….when do you totally switch to Unix? :)

astrosexy October 5, 2004 Reply

I saw the Japanese Original version called "Ju-on". There are some freakish images still in my head. But it wasn't that scary. I'm sure the American version is ruined though. As was the American version of the ring ruined.

g-unit October 8, 2004 Reply

The Grudge should be a good movie…I'm suppose to go see it on the Friday it comes out…What is it the 22nd? I'm kind of already scared…I didn't watch the Ring, yet..So hopefully all will go well..

Talk to me, Goose.

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