I miss movies

I haven’t watched a movie in a long time. But wow, after watching Ong-bak, I’m definitely inspired to go back to the park. Tony Jaa can probably kick Jet Li’s butt anytime. No worries, I still got love for Jet Li’s “pretty style and acrobatics,” as Tony Jaa mentions in a pretty cool interview. Yeah, brings back memories of my one quarter of Muay Thai with Hsin and JYu.

Funny, I was totally unaware that they were making a Final Destination 3. But before any other movie, I want to watch End of the Spear. I heard about it when a friend went to watch a sneak preview where some of the actual missionary relatives gave their testimonies. I even got some promotional material/CD for the movie.

A savage killer from a remote Amazon tribe becomes grandfather to the grandchildren of the North American man he killed. End of the Spear is a dramatic feature film based on the true story of the documentary film Beyond the Gates. The screenplay for End of the Spear was written from the perspective of Mincaye one of the Waodani tribesmen from the spearing raid that killed five North American missionaries.

Talk to me, Goose.

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