It’s been about 2 months

It’s been about 2 months since I’ve moved out to the city. The way of life out here sure is different. I should check my blood pressure because I think it’s been raised because of the hustle and bustle of city life. I’ve already had to repair a flat due to a screw that was stuck in my tire, I wasn’t able to buy stuff because the store was out of a certain product (probably because there’s SO MANY PEOPLE BUYING STUFF, and I’ve gotten a parking ticket already for an expired meter…nuts. But I think there’s also some really good things I’ve noticed since I’ve moved out here. I love how everything’s really close by. From where I live, I can go a few blocks in any direction and find great places to eat. Everything’s nearby.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that people don’t look at me funny when I’m out and about. Everyone’s minding their own business. This area is so ethnically diverse, I love it. People don’t stare at you because you’re one of the few Asians walking around. Last week, I went back out to a certain part of suburbia to have lunch with my dad, the people sitting in the restaurant kept looking at me as I walked to my table. Is it me? Am I just to paranoid about race? Or are people still uncomfortable with other people who look different from themselves. All I gotta say is…CONTROL YOUR STARING, PEOPLE!!!


penguingolfer89 February 5, 2003 Reply

I guess there is a difference.yeah I like when everything is so close. it's eaiser to get around.control ya starin peos!! lol!!!

will February 10, 2003 Reply

sorry to hear about the tire flat sounded bad. i just got a flat recently too, two NAILS !!! …thank goodness to AAA.

beej February 10, 2003 Reply

wow, you had to call AAA? nothing serious happened, right? the screw was just stuck in my tire….

will February 12, 2003 Reply

the two nails deflated all the air from my tire. i figure i paid for AAA service might as well have them come swap my spare in. :)

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