People Watching

People intrigue me. What can I say, I am easily entertained. I spent some time downtown today and was filled with deep thoughts everywhere I went.

I was downtown at CompUSA taking a proctored test. As I waited for a computer at one of those standing computer stations , I noticed that one girl was there browsing through friendster. She was there for a while. I’m thinking, “I guess that’s what people mean when they say they’re hooked on friendster.”

After my test, I met up with Kathy for lunch. We went to eat at the Macy’s Cellar/food court. We had to walk through the cosmetic section to get downstairs. There was a guy working behind the makeup counter. I told Kathy that I thought it was interesting how guys would sell makeup.

Kathy and I sat side by side, separated with a chair in the middle (yes, I need my PS). Since it was noisy, we didn’t talk much. I had a view of many tables in front of me, not to mention the TV monitors. But instead of watching the TV which I could not hear, I watched people. I noticed a guy sitting by himself eating cup o’noodles. We’re in a food court, remember? Stores sell food here.

I glanced over to another table where this lady had just placed her stuff. She started setting the table for two: napkin first, followed by fork and knife. She looked for a second, then rearranged the fork and knife, switching their positions on the napkin. What meticulous food court etiquette this lady had. We just took ate over our plastic trays where our plates lay.

As I watched this lady tell her male friend that she got (excuse me, reserved) a table, a man eating alone at a nearby table broke his plastic fork while eating his salad. A couple of impolite words flew out while he got a replacement utensil.

I must say, that was an entertaining lunch. As we walked back upstairs through the cosmetic section, I noticed a man and a woman, dressed in those makeup salespeople outfits. I couldn’t hold back and made another comment how I thought it was funny for men to work at the makeup counter. Kathy then said, “What’s even funnier is that guy AT the makeup counter.” I looked ahead and sure enough, there was a guy at the counter putting on some face makeup…sigh…only in San Francisco…


sacrod August 28, 2003 Reply

Wow, your "read more" thing is cool! Where did you get your new weblogging program from? Cause I want to change mine. I'm waiting for the host to come out with one so I can use it, but I don't know if he's come out with one yet (I guess I should ask him).

Also, yeah, people watching is really interesting. Do you think the person who was organizing the plastic cutlery was obsessive-compulsive? I always think that when I see people or hear about people doing that…

Penguingolfer89 August 28, 2003 Reply

Woo…You watch much more than me and my friend Melanie haha…We crack up so much and talk about what we see….lol..We sat in Union Square watching the tourist get lost! So fun!

beej August 28, 2003 Reply

sacrod, actually, your host has movabletype (what i'm using) installed. ask him if you can use it.

i forgot to add that the girl (and the guy she was with) was very well dressed and had similar dark-rimmed glasses. ocd? that, or just has posh manners. hehe…

sacrod August 31, 2003 Reply

oh… OK… thanks :)

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