Photography and new TV season

I've just set up a new section I'll just call "photography" for now. Not much there right now. I...

I’ve just set up a new section I’ll just call “photography” for now. Not much there right now. I’m using zen photo, which is still in beta. Be sure to let me know if you see something wrong.


Goodbye summer, hello hurricanes. See how hurricanes are named.


I’ve been waiting all summer to resume my tv shows. Here are some shows I want to keep up with:

1. Lost: I can’t stare at show for too long because the camera is quite shaky. Guess they want to get that “real life” feeling.

2. The Apprentice will get live play time, while CSI will be recorded off my tv tuner. Actually, I’ll watch any CSI shows, but the original is still my fav.

3. Last Friday, before going rafting, I watched this show called Threshold. I think Chris and I might be hooked. We’ll see how long it can hold my attention.

4. Oh, and I might just need to watch Survivor too, if I have time.

5. Anthony also said Family Guy was really funny.

6. And how can I forget about Jeopardy!

What’s your weekly tv lineup like? I wonder what other shows I should be watching.


penguingolfer89 September 21, 2005 Reply

I love Family Guy! I have a poster of Family Guy and The OC!

Chris September 21, 2005 Reply

I must say… Lost is the one show I love to watch and hate every time it ends…

zhart124 September 21, 2005 Reply

Family Guy!!

beej September 22, 2005 Reply

Chris, I agree, I am definitely sad when the show ends for the night. They sure know how to keep you in suspense…especially for a whole summer, seeing as to how the final episode last season ended.

2 votes for the Family Guy, huh? I'll have to check it out when I have time. They look so ugly though. I guess I go for the superficial stuff. Maybe that's why I never really watched The Simpson's.

penguingolfer89 September 22, 2005 Reply

Haha. My weekly TV lineup.. Well if I had TV in the morning I would be watching the news, when I get home I would watch Oprah, then I would go for the Disney Channel shows, then I would be watching 7th Heaven, The OC, Laguna Beach, Survivor, Fear Factor, Everwood, Gilmore Girls, then late at night I would be watching Family Guy. If only I had TV..Least I can pretend and dream I'm watching TV. Ha.

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