Sunburnt and Sore The past

Sunburnt and Sore
The past couple of days have been really fun. Got back from tahoe on saturday. This was the first time I had gone boarding 2 days in row. It was pretty tiring but it was oh so fun!!! It was so warm up there people were skiing half naked! Being the wild child that I am, I went for the first time without my wool hat….yes, I live on the edge. Other than that, I was so hot going down the runs. I should bring sunblock with me next time so I can reapply. Now I got this funny goggle face that looks like dirt. Oh well. All good.

Easter was a bit different this year. I haven’t even had time to reflect on the true meaning. After service yesterday, my uncle wasn’t feeling to well, so he went to the hospital. I ended up driving grandma home and going back to the hospital just in time for them to tell us that he needed surgery immediately. He’s out now and recovering. After all this, I can now sit and think. Lent this year, was hard. The first couple weeks, I was really excited to be praying for one person a day. After a while, it became really hard. I realized how little time I set aside for intercessory prayer, and doing this for lent was really kicking my butt. Everyone else around me gave up this, like chocolate, certain foods, or drinks. Last week, people were telling me all the things they wanted to eat once lent was over. Like they were freed from suffering finally. I wonder about that attitude. Am I to be happy now that I’m not required to pray for people everyday? So can I say, yay, finally, I can stop praying for people now? Everything has gotten me thinking. It just seems that Lent has turned into a “cool” thing to do. See what interesting things people can go without. Let’s compare will power with each other? I hope not. For myself, I have not yet learned. For a while, it felt a burden to say a prayer for people every night. I have a long way to grow. Maybe I’m the one who needs prayer now. It’s good to be able to enjoy Easter, even if it’s the day after.

He is risen.

Talk to me, Goose.

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