Weekly snowboard fix

Just got back from snowboarding at Sugar Bowl. I went last weekend too. I’ve used up all my free lift tickets, free tune-up, and got free rentals for my friends. So I’m good for this season. There’s still so much snow left, so if I happen to go up again later this season, I’ll just consider it a bonus.

I was just thinking today, I never bring my camera with me when I board (probably because it’s so bulky), so I never have any pictures. I should really try bringing the cam with me next time so I can get some pictures of “amazing lake views” (Mir’s tag line from Diamond Peak).

More thoughts on snowboarding to come later when I’m not so tired.

Sad news update (if you’ve been living in a cave or snowboarding all day): the Pope has died.

Talk to me, Goose.

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