Yellow fever (video) relapse?

Remember the yellow fever video I posted a few weeks ago? Well guess what??? I was at UCSD last week with a friend dropping a car off for her mom. The exchange was goin down when I saw the Indian guy from the video!!! Ha! I must have stared at him for at least 3 whole minutes as he walked across the way, wondering if it was really him. I sooo wanted to say hi, talk to him about the video, and take a picture with him (just to prove our meeting occurred). Sadly, I felt a certain obligation to stay in the vicinity of the car to meet my friend’s mother and greet her. Oh well, it was just a lost opportunity for excitement that day. Help out Wong Fu Productions and buy the "Bai Ren Kan Bu Dong" T-Shirt for me!

Talk to me, Goose.

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