Videos: VW’s “fast” commercials

Update (3/3/06):
johnny: what is your buddy icon of?
me: it’s the vw fast
johnny: illl…it looks funny so small.
me: haha
me: they’re selling for about $400 on ebay
johnny: for the stupid toy used in the commercials??
johnny: you can buy the staples button from staples for $5.
me: so nerdy

Check out a collection of the “fast” videos from VW. I want one. Too bad they’re going for about $400 on Ebay. My question is, why don’t they show any girls making friends with their fast?


Johnny March 3, 2006 Reply

Gtis are for guys and Beetles are for girls.

penguingolfer89 March 3, 2006 Reply

I want a golf just for the name, but Beetles are awsesome!

beej March 9, 2006 Reply

So sexist!

penguingolfer89 March 9, 2006 Reply

Wowzers, almost thought it said so sexiest.

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