99 cent rentals

I’ve been renting a lot of movies lately because of all these 99 cent rental coupons. I just watched Kill Bill. Man, there’s a lot of blood spraying around in that movie. I’ve rented 6 movies this week. I have one more coupon for another 3 movies, but I don’t know what else to rent.


zhart124 May 6, 2004 Reply

is the last samuri out in dvd yet? i wanna see that?

penguingolfer89 May 6, 2004 Reply

yup last samuri is out as of Tuesday…Oh I have a list of movies…oh wait there not R…sorry…

Tigress Woods May 6, 2004 Reply

Yep, I rented that too.

penguingolfer89 May 6, 2004 Reply

A bunch of earlier wakers today..I see…lol

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