Ambush From Ten Sides

This must be the 2nd or 3rd time renting House of Flying Daggers and I finally got to watch it. The first time I rented it, the disc kept skipping. I still think it’s funny how the English and Chinese (Ambush From Ten Sides) titles have nothing to do with each other in these types of movies. And why didn’t someone tell me it was a cheesy love story? Well, who wouldn’t fall for an Asian Orlando Bloom?



I also started reading Memoirs of a Geisha. I remember when OJ was reading it way back when it was published. I was supposed to borrow it from her but the book never made it’s way back to SF. I’m excited about the movie, but why do they have Chinese actors playing Japanese roles? Couldn’t they find someone from one of those Karate Kid movies? Don’t get me wrong, I like Zhang Ziyi, but come on. I guess it’s kinda like Catherine Zeta-Jones playing an American. They just look like they fit the part.

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  1. Wow, he is totally a asian ob! Oh, my! I got to watch the movie!!!

    My friends and I were talking about the controversy of chinese peeps playing japanese* roles too, yesterday. I totally can't wait til it comes out! 1 more day and the movies of the month are coming out! Memoirs and The Lion, TW, and TWardrobe!

    *EDITED due to derogatory comment

  2. asian orlando bloom?!?!?! how come i didn't notice that when i saw the movie?! i better take a closer looksy. siggghhh….. orlando bloom…what a lang jie!

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