Signs and Wonders drink

My friends and I were trying to kill some time before dinner when we stumbled across this little coffeehouse on Divisadero. We saw these letters and news articles on the wall speaking of Signs and Wonders, a peanut milk drink. We ordered a small bottle and tried it. Sure enough, it tasted like peanut and milk. Not too bad. It was a bit grainy and had a funny aftertaste. The letters on the wall were from people praising the drink and its healing powers. The husband and wife team who makes this beverage, just started distributing the drink to stores in the SF area and San Diego. This just might be the next big thing to hit your local whole foods market.

By the way, it looks like these people are believers too.

Check out the pic we took:
Peanut Milk

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penguingolfer89 February 9, 2004 Reply

O yes I remember that! I also remember watching it on the evening show (whatever it's called)…looks yummy. I want to try it one day heehee!

Talk to me, Goose.

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